Blue Lagoon, acrylic painting by Taira

Blue Lagoon, acrylic painting by Taira

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  • Painting: Canvas / Acrylic Paint.
  • Unframed.
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    Blue Lagoon, acrylic painting by Taira

    Original, acrylic on canvas painting.

    About Taira (Irina Taraeva)

    I live and work in Moscow since 1973. I am a doctor by education, but I left medicine in the 90s and devoted myself to painting. I conduct an active exhibition activity and I have publications in catalogs, diplomas of the winner at art festivals. My painting “Flight” was donated to the Shushi art gallery. By the time of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, I had an exhibition in Moscow with my works dedicated to that topic.

    I was born in Tbilisi, in 1956. My paternal grandfather, Garegin Panasyan, was born in Bitlis, in 1898. He was killed during the Armenian massacre. The family moved to Kars and from there fled to Tbilisi.

    From my childhood memories

    My grandfather sits at the Estonian radio station and listens to Armenian songs. He lived 90 years and until the end of his life in his dreams he “fought” Turks. Maternal grandfather, Onanov Georgy (Gevork Onanyants), comes from the famous Sighnaghi, where many famous Armenians came from, in particular my painting teacher Boris Otarov. Unfortunately, it so happened that we lost our native language, but the Armenian voice of blood works.


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