Satenik, by Vahan Garibyan

Satenik, by Vahan Garibyan

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  • Painting: Greek silk / oil paint.
  • Painted in 1984.

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    1 in stock

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    Satenik, by Vahan Garibyan

    Satenik was the daughter of Alan king. She was married Artashes I, the king of Armenia. Their love story is known as “Artashes and Satenik”. It was presented in “History of Armenia” written by Armenian historian Movses Khorenatsi in the 5th century.

    Artashes I ruled from 189 BC. He was recognized as the King of Greater Armenia both by the Roman Republic and by Persia. At that period Alans invaded Armenia. During the earlier battle the son of the Alan king was captured by the Armenians. This forced the Alan king to seek for peace. He promised to give the Armenian king whatever he wishes for in return for his son. But Artashes refused the offer. After that Satenik came to the bank of the Kur River and asked for his brother’s freedom. When Artaches saw Satenik he was charmed by her beauty. He decided to marry her, but Alan’s king refused. After that Artashes kidnaped the princess.


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