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Please accurately complete your data as well as data related your artwork because they will be used during review, for shipping and other legal matters.

Product Registration

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    2. Review Process

    from 1 hour to 48 hours maximum to wait.

    After registration, our specialists first of all will check:

    • Data reliability;
    • The quality of the photos;
    • Compliance of the submitted artwork datas with our standards.

    After all, it will be decided whether to accept/approve your artwork or reject.
    The review process lasts from 1 hour to 48 hours.
    You will receive an appropriate letter after review process.

    3. Selling and Shipping

    Maximum transparent and protected process

    Once you have a sale of an artwork, our assistant will contact you to get ready with shipping. Packaging, transportation and delivery will be provided by DHL express service, which is considered to be the best in its sphere. We choose DHL services to have your artworks maximum secured. Also you have to know that the delivery will be insured and the receiver will cover all expenses. Via DHL and with us you will be able to follow your goods during the whole transit period, safe delivery and receipt by the receiver.

    4. Payment

    Payments are made according to international standards

    Within 24 hours after receiving the goods, we will pay for any of the following methods on your choice:

    Bank transfer, PayPal, Stripe.