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Armenian Art sellers F.A.Q.

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What do I need to do to start selling?2018-08-13T16:11:36+04:00

In order to start selling, you will first need to register your goods, upload the photos of your artworks, and you’re all set!

What can I sell here?2018-08-13T16:40:14+04:00

On our website you can sell artworks of Armenian artists like: paintings, photography, drawings, collage, sculpture, wood, bronze, art, handmade.

What are the requirements for uploading the artworks?2018-08-13T16:39:44+04:00

The size of the picture should be at least 1100 pixels.

Pictures downloaded from Facebook will not be accepted, as it won’t meet the requirements of the format.


The sizes of artworks must be given in LxWxH (length x width x height) decimal form; dimensions in cm; weight in kg.

What will be the next step after having a sale?2018-08-13T16:24:29+04:00

Once you have a sale, you will receive an email or call informing you about it. You will need to schedule a date for our courier to pick up the sold artwork. You’ll also be informed what paperwork to prepare for shipping.

How do I get paid?2018-08-13T16:14:22+04:00

You can expect your payment within 24 hours after having a successful delivery. And then you can be paid with one of these methods: bank transfer, PayPal or Stripe.

Who will pay for transportation?2018-08-13T16:14:47+04:00

You don’t have to care about shipping, as the receiver is responsible to cover packaging, shipping and insurance costs.

What are the future steps in case of damage of my artwork during shipping?2018-08-13T16:15:06+04:00

We always try to work with the best delivery services like DHL, but even they don’t guarantee everything . In that case, the best option is that the artist insures his works himself through an insurance company, before the order, and we include the costs into the price of the item.

Individual pages on Armenian Art

Individual page on Armenian Art – What is it?2018-08-13T15:56:08+04:00

This is a whole personal web page acquisition package for artists and other type of authors on ArmenianArt.

With this package you get a whole individual page on ArmenianArt with a personal design, where you can present yourself, your contacts, social media links and your artworks.

Our package will definitely fulfill your needs, so instead of opening your own website you can have your page in ArmenianArt which will be almost like your own personal website, only much cheaper to make and requires less effort!

What does the individual page package include?2018-08-13T15:58:25+04:00

1. Header section

The author or artist may have fully personalized header with individual colors and images etc.

2. Permanent link

The author or artist get a personal static link with which one may access your page. The link will look like this:

3. About section

Here an author or artist can write about him, his biography, education, career, exhibitions,  artworks etc.

4. Portfolio

In this section you can place your artworks. Your portfolio can contain up to 15 photos.

5. Authors selling artworks

Your last 4 works will be presented on the page. You will also have a link to the rest of your works on a separate page.

6. Exclusive Category with artist name

Besides Author’s page there will be a separate category with artist name, with all artworks of the artist, where people can access exclusively to that author’s artworks only.

7. Artworks addition on Featured products

Acquiring this package Author’s artworks will be added to a page where all the featured products are presented. This is an advantage, because buyers often give attention to the featured products.

8. Personal discount code.

With this package you will have an exclusive personal 5% discount code which you may give as a present to your friends, business partners or other people acquiring your artworks. The discount code will be valid for one year after acquisition of the package. Note that the discount code cannot be used in combination with other discounts or sales.

9. Direct contact via email

On the Author’s page will be possibility for direct contact via email. The customers can directly contact you by sending an email via your page.

10. Social media icons

There will be social media icons attached to your page through which people can access your social media pages.

11. Artist page design, colors and buttons basic changes

If you purchase the package you get page with your personal design. The colors and buttons of the page will chosen so that they will match with your style. Later on it will be possible to make some basic changes of the page.

How much does it cost to acquire individual page package?2018-08-13T16:41:49+04:00

You can get the package for just $3 per month.

Note that the first month is free of charge and there is no need to register payment details for first free month.

In case of purchasing the package, who is going to prepare my personal page?2018-11-20T16:02:24+04:00

After your purchase or free registration we are going to prepare your personal page, the only thing you need to do is to give us all the necessary materials for the page (pictures, texts, other information).

Before Contacting The Support Team

You must to know

  • The review process lasts from 1 hour to 48 hours.
  • You will receive an appropriate letter after review process.
  • Once you have a sale of an artwork, our assistant will contact you to get ready with shipping.
  • You can contact us by email, online chat or contacts page.

  • You will receive your mentioned price. No hidden fees.
  • You will have our assistance from the registration moments until you get the payment.