Verginia Khalafyan

The future of art has become a hot topic nowadays. The role of AI in the development of art is a significant part of this topic. Here we are mostly focusing on the ability of future technologies to independently create art. We have already seen that AI is being applied to different kinds of art, however there is a big question arising – how far can technology be pushed? Many experts in AI and art fields are questioning whether it is possible for AI to be creative.

On 23rd of June, ArmenianArt participated in the “Culture.20 Digital Summit” organised by AGBU. Several very interesting topics were touched upon during the summit. The discussion was mainly about the future of the arts.

Armenian Art team was excited to hear opinions of very different artists from different parts of the world about the future of visual arts, music, film, theatre and dance. Will AI be able to produce better artworks than humans? Will robots learn to be creative or to see and understand beauty? We have heard several answers to those questions, and indeed, it is a difficult question to answer. On the one hand, new technologies are drastically developing and already playing a significant role in creating art. It is not hard to believe that soon technology may reach such a level that it will be become as good as humans. On the other hand, if we think about the crucial parts of creating art, which are the feelings, experiences, emotions, will it be possible for robots/AI to express it in their artworks? Additionally, as one of the participants of the summit suggested – an important part of art is making mistakes. People make mistakes and those imperfections make art even better. Will computers miss that power of a mistake?

We would like to thank AGBU for this discussion, which gave us a lot of food for thought! We think however that it would be even more interesting to hear a conversation between an artist and programmer or AI specialist, where we could also hear more about it from the technical perspective. And who knows, maybe bringing those sides together may lead to even more creativity and innovation. Feel free to share your thoughts in comments and have an ARTastic day!