The Eyes -2, by Sose Karakhanyan

The Eyes -2, by Sose Karakhanyan

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  • Handmade bracelet.
  • Materials used: Melchior, Amethyst.


1 in stock (can be backordered)

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The Eyes-2, by Sose Karakhanyan

Handmade Bracelet

Sose Karakhanyan

Sose Karakhanyan

Artist bio

Sose was born in 1992 in Republic of Armenia. During her childhood, she studied in an art school for 2 years (2005-2007), and after that, she began studying with a professional mentor. She later was admitted to the State College of Fine Arts, named after Panos Terlemezian. After receiving her qualifications in art and design, Sose started producing paintings and preparing for exhibitions. She also paints on fabric (Batica) and designs her own dresses.

On 09/10/2013 she organized an exhibition and a fashion show in an exhibition center called “I Art”, after which she received a gratitude letter from the city council of Yerevan city.

From 2010 till 2012, Sose participated in different student exhibitions in Yerevan. Then, in 2012, she was offered to publish her works in “Analiticon” magazine under the name “20 Years After the Karabakh War”. It also included different illustrations, dedicated to the impunity of the crimes that were committed during the Armenian Genocide in 1915.

In 2014 she participated in a youth competition in Yerevan, called “Baze”, where she won the Bronze Hawk award for taking the second honorary place. After that, she entered a charity exhibition, which was dedicated towards building new Art Schools in the city of Gyumri. Later that year, she also participated in a youth street exhibition “Art Fest”.

In 2015, Sose joined an exhibition dedicated to the centenary of the Armenian Genocide in the Armenian Artists’ Union. She often took part in various exhibitions organized by the Union.

In 2016, she, together with her husband, began crafting handmade jewelry.



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