1. Header section

The author or artist may have fully personalized header with individual colors and images etc.

2. Permanent link

The author or artist get a personal static link with which one may access your page. The link will look like this: ArmenianArt.am/YourName

3. About section

Here an author or artist can write about him, his biography, education, career, exhibitions,  artworks etc.

4. Portfolio

In this section you can place your artworks. Your portfolio can contain up to 15 photos.

5. Authors selling artworks

Your last 4 works will be presented on the page. You will also have a link to the rest of your works on a separate page.

6. Exclusive Category with artist name

Besides Author’s page there will be a separate category with artist name, with all artworks of the artist, where people can access exclusively to that author’s artworks only.

7. Artworks addition on Featured products

Acquiring this package Author’s artworks will be added to a page where all the featured products are presented. This is an advantage, because buyers often give attention to the featured products.

8. Personal discount code.

With this package you will have an exclusive personal 5% discount code which you may give as a present to your friends, business partners or other people acquiring your artworks. The discount code will be valid for one year after acquisition of the package. Note that the discount code cannot be used in combination with other discounts or sales.

9. Direct contact via email

On the Author’s page will be possibility for direct contact via email. The customers can directly contact you by sending an email via your page.

10. Social media icons

There will be social media icons attached to your page through which people can access your social media pages.

11. Artist page design, colors and buttons basic changes

If you purchase the package you get page with your personal design. The colors and buttons of the page will chosen so that they will match with your style. Later on it will be possible to make some basic changes of the page.